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Heal your loneliness with Alone Sad Shayri

Einstein once said, "In my younger days, I lived a painful solitary life. But as I matured, I discovered that being alone is a truly wonderful thing."

Why are the more excellent people the more alone?

There are several possible reasons why highly excellent individuals may experience a greater sense of aloneness. Here are some explanations:

  • High level of focus: Excellent people often tend to be highly focused on their goals and pursuits. They may invest a significant amount of time and energy into their work or interests, which can result in relatively less interaction with others and a subsequent feeling of loneliness.
  • Stringent standards: Those who are excellent typically have higher standards and expectations for themselves and their surroundings. This can make it more challenging for them to find people who align with their standards in relationships, leading to a sense of loneliness.
  • Unique thinking patterns: Excellent individuals may possess unique ways of thinking and perspectives. This can make communication and understanding with others more difficult, as they struggle to find people who truly understand and resonate with them.
  • Self-expectations: People who strive for excellence often place high demands on themselves, which can create internal pressure and a sense of loneliness. The high expectations they have for themselves may make it hard for others to fully comprehend their pursuits.

So a person's excellence begins with loneliness, and the more a person can endure and enjoy loneliness, the more excellent they become. Fortunately, we have alone sad shayari with us.

Brief of Alone Sad Shayri

"Alone Sad Shayri" is a form of poetry that expresses the profound emotions of loneliness and sadness. Through these verses, we can connect with the pain and loneliness within ourselves and find a sense of emotional resonance. To heal your loneliness, In this article, we will delve deeper into "Alone Sad Shayri," including its expressions in Hindi and exploring feeling alone and sad.

Alone Sad Shayri in Hindi

In Hindi, "Alone Sad Shayri" is known for its poignant words and expressions. Here are some examples that showcase how this form of poetry conveys the emotions of loneliness and sadness:

Alone Sad Shayri

जिनकी की मोहब्बत सच्ची होती है,
उनके नसीब में दर्द ही लिखा होता है..!!

बहुत मजबूत होते है वो लोग जो
अकेले में सबसे छुप कर रोते हैं..!!

इन्सान की आदत है, ना मिले तो सब्र
नहीं करता और मिल जाए तो कद्र
नहीं करता ..!

अकेले रहना एक “नशा” है,
ये नशा करना सबके बस की
बात नही है. !!

कई बार कसूर किसी का भी नही होता,
बस एक गलतफहमी खूबसूरत रिश्ते
को तबाह कर देती है..!!

अकेला रोता छोड़ गया वो इंसान भी
मुझे जो कल तक कहता था रोना मत
तुम्हे मेरी कसम..!

जिंदगी में अकेले खुश रहना सीखो
क्योंकि साथ तो जिंदगी भी छोड़ देती है
फिर इंसान क्या चीज है !!

हजारों महफिलें हैं और लाखों मेले हैं,
पर जहाँ तुम नहीं वहाँ हम अकेले हैं..!

लौटते वो है जो रुठकर चले जाते हैं
टूटकर जाने वाले लौटा नहीं करते..!


मैं अकेले रहकर अपने बारे में बहुत
कुछ सीख रहा हूं और जो मैं कर रहा हूं
वह कर रहा हूं..!


These Hindi verses express the emotions of loneliness and sadness in a powerful and evocative manner.

Feeling Alone Sad Shayri

"Feeling Alone Sad Shayri" further explores the complexity and diversity of these emotions. It encompasses not only loneliness and sadness but also contemplations of self, love, and life. Here are some examples of Shayri that express the feeling of being alone and sad:

Feeling Alone Sad Shayri Image


"कोई मिलता नहीं, हूँ अकेला ग़म" (No one meets, I am alone in grief.)

"सूना हुआ ज़िंदगी में, बस दिल की ख़्वाहिशें" (In a withered life, only the desires of the heart.)

"अपने आप में ख़ाली हूँ, इस दुनिया में अकेला" (I am empty within myself, alone in this world.)

हमे जब नींद आएगी तो इस कदर सोएंगे  लोग रोएंगे हमे जगाने k लिए!”

बेशक तेरे  की कोई उम्मीद तो नहीं लेकिन, पता नहीं क्या सोचकर, मैं आज भी  नहीं बदलता.

यूँ तो वजह बहूत हैं मेरे रूठ जाने की मगर… इस ख्याल से चुप हूँ मनायेंगा कौन.

Feeling Alone Sad Shayari in English

"I am alone, but my desires are not."

"I am walking alone in life, yet there is desire in my heart."

"The realization of being alone brings great pain."

Feeling Alone Sad Shayri in English

may additionally B Being alone Is higher Than Being With a person Who does not Care

I detest the minutes whilst all of an unexpected Anger transforms into Tears.

Dejection is the maximum horrendous destitution.

whilst you take a seat on my own ..YoU sit down together with your past.

nevertheless, I’m striking tight for her even though I realize she isn’t always mine.

take into account that we’re all on this through itself.

1 day u will perceive what you lost. 1 day I’ll see what I picked up

It’s smarter to stay forlorn at that point than to live within the center of incorrect People.

These Shayri express the feelings of being alone and sad while also highlighting the presence of hope and longing. They remind us that even in the darkest moments, our inner emotions can find expression.

"Alone Sad Shayri" is a powerful form of art that allows us to pour out the pain and loneliness within. Whether expressed in Hindi or other languages, it provides an opportunity to have a conversation with our own emotions. By exploring "AloneSad Shayri," we can better understand and come to terms with the emotions of loneliness and sadness, finding solace and peace within ourselves. Let these beautiful verses touch our hearts and connect us with the shared human experience of emotions.

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